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February 01, 2017

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At BASF we expect ourselves to actively steer future trends and find smart answers for the world’s challenges. As the leading global chemical company, our innovative products have touchpoints to nearly all aspects of live and help to form a more sustainable future. STARTUP AUTOBAHN enables us to gain early access to startups with amazing ideas. Partnering with these super-agile enterprises, fosters our own entrepreneurial spirit and makes us live a “just-do”- instead of a “let’s-see”-mentality. We look for bold endeavors that enrich and/or challenge our products, markets, services and processes. Let’s dream big together. Let’s create the unexpected and let us help you to thrive.

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Official EXPO 8 Press Release

Interested in what happened on September 23rd & 24th, 2020? You would like to share the experience with friends, co-workers or even a bigger audience?

Our Press Release got you covered – whether you prefer a german or an english version.

Press Release EXPO 8 (en)or Download

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