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Laurence Dufrancatel

Materials Innovation Global Domain Manager


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September 24th, 2020 – Thursday

12:30 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

Future of Cabin's Interior on the Crossroads: Will Sustainable Materials Actually Sustain the Times of Crisis or Will Short-Term Decisions on Cost Efficiency and In-Car Hygiene Expose It as a Temporary Trend

Laurence Dufrancatel, Senior Expert Materials, Faurecia; AGC, Razmik Balian, General Manager - Strategy & Special Projects; Natural Fiber Welding, Oihana Elizalde, General Manager Mirum Business Unit; Airbus, Paul Edwards, Head of Creative Design

Expert Panel


The topic of sustainability has gained a lot of importance in recent years, also in the automotive industry. The procurement and subsequent processing of raw materials needed for car assembly of course pose certain sustainability issues. As the car power system has slowly shifted to more environmentally-friendly solutions, so have the actual materials used in the car‘s exterior and interior. New materials are coming into play such as glass or recycled materials transformed into leather or plastic look-a-likes and many more. Will these 'new' materials play a significant role in the future automotive sector?  On the other hand, the current health crisis is definitely changing the dynamics of the industry putting the spotlight rather on hygienic requirements than sustainability. New technologies, such as UV-light solutions and bacteria resistant materials have already started to arise. How will this situation influence the developments in this regard? Can the sustainability focus still prevail in the long-term taking disruptions such as global pandemics into consideration?

Speakers of this Session

Razmik Balian

General Manager – Strategy & Special Projects


Laurence Dufrancatel

Materials Innovation Global Domain Manager


Oihana Elizalde

General Manager, Mirum Business Unit

Natural Fiber Welding

Paul Edwards

Head of Creative Design


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