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Maike Hammer

Program Operations STARTUP AUTOBAHN at Mercedes-Benz AG


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After entering Daimler AG as a trainee and strategy consultant at Mercedes-Benz Management Consulting, Maike worked in the field of emobility charging infrastructure. Together with some othe collegues she founded an internal startup working on a a sharing platform for electric charging stations "Peer2Peer Charging". This was also her entry into the startup and innovation environment. Since 2019 Maike is part of the open innovation team at Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for the pilot phase at STARTUP AUTOBAHN as well as working on other open innovation channels like an in-car-coding community.

Maike Hammer on air

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September 24th, 2020 – Thursday

10:30 AM (UTC)

1:00 h

Digital Identities enabling real world Blockchain based smart contracting

++All Access Only++

Breakout Session

Pilot Partners


Topic Discussion

Aimed at Participants of big multinational corporations to get knowledge of Identity and find potential use case scenarios based on the practical execution experience of our startups.

Digitization is transforming the way how business is done. This pushes Daimler Mobility into a more competitive world not only facing our traditional competitors, but also the digital giants like Amazon, Google, Uber and etc. As a traditional service provider, we have to find future technology enabling us to connect and collaborate with more service providers to create our co-owned mutual Platform for business - and Blockchain takes us to that future. The Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory is continuing to blaze the trail in building Blockchain-based business platforms. We have partnered with four startups: Ontology, Spherity, Riddle & Code and 51nodes to realize true end to end smart contracting between fleet operators and rental or mobility service providers. In joint development with these partners we have taken the Mobility Blockchain Platform to the next level and have added digital identities (DID) and Blockchain wallets for customers, companies and cars. By integrating this with our smart contracts and Distributed Ledger (DLT) these customers and companies can conduct fully automated fleet and rental business transactions. What we have built is essentially a shared marketplace for service delivery. We provide digital identities to man and machine and let our Distributed Ledger and the Blockchain smart contracts handle the end to end service delivery aspects needed to sign, bill and settle each transaction. This is a major step towards a true Internet and Economy of Things.

Tentative Agenda (CEST):

12:30 - 12:35: Welcome & Introduction

12:35 - 13:00: Short pitches on “Blockchain Factory” (Daimler Mobility), “Company Identity Wallet” (Spherity), “Car Wallet” (Riddle & Code) and “Welcome Home” (51Nodes & Ontology)

13:00 - 13:25: Discussion Round with Audience Interaction via MentiMeter

13:25 - 13:30: Closing and exchange of contact details 

Speakers of this Session

Harry Behrens

Head of Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory

Sebastian Becker


Riddle & Code

Adam Martin

Technical Consultant


Jan Paul Buchwald

Managing Director


Walter Yang



Gloria Wu

Chief of Global Ecosystem Partnerships


1:05 PM (UTC)

0:25 h

Future of Production – Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Let’s talk about Wireless Transmission Technologies & Maintenance, Machine Vision & Communication Networks and Advanced Quality Control Systems

Pilot Videos


Intro Topic

  • Maike Hammer, Program Operations STARTUP AUTOBAHN at Mercedes-Benz AG

"Pioneering a Connected & Wireless Transmission Infrastructure for Meters inside Industrial Buildings"

  • Nexmachina – Silvia Montoya, CTO
  • Daimler – Juan Jose Vitoria, Engineer at facility management

"Machine Vision & Communication Networks"

  • Inspekto – Uri Josefson, Sales Director
  • Motherson – Urszula Kosidlo, Open Innovation Manager

"Failure Detection and Prevention through Sound"

  • Noiseless Acoustics – Kai Saksela, CEO
  • Webasto – Magnus Sviberg, Head of Advanced Engineering

"Wireless Batteries: Unleash the Full Potential of Industrial E-Vehicles and enable the Electrified Economy"

  • Wiferion – Florian Reiners, CEO
  • Murata – Alexander Schmoldt, Manager Business Innovation & Incubation

EXPO 8 Rearview & Maike Hammer

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