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Cheno Thong

Managing Director


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  • cheno.thong@wemapac.com

  • Linkedin

  • www.wemapac.com

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Cheno is a cloud space pioneer, having successfully grown IaaS, PaaS and SaaS businesses across Asia-Pacific, including Japan. His 20 years of leadership ranges across IT services to app development , managing up to US$600M. He had held leadership roles in multiple global MNCs He is also on the board of prominent NGOs. Cheno has lived and worked in India, Singapore and Australia.

Cheno Thong on air

A sneak peak of the agenda. Find out more on the comprehensive overview.

September 24th, 2020 – Thursday

2:20 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

Future of Enterprise - Software as a Service

Let’s talk about Speech Analytics, , Low Code Software Development and Video Synthesis Content Creation

Pilot Videos


Intro Topic

  • Franziska Gross, Business Innovation and Startup Relations at DXC

"A Customer Service Expedition – How to Create Moments of Real Happiness"

  • voiXen – Sarah Rickes, Customer Understanding Officer
  • T-Systems – Florian Pickert, Consultant for Digital Transformation
  • T-Systems – Markus Nowack, Senior Solution Sales Manager

"Digital Innovation Broadcast for Global Teams"

  • DXC** – **Bernd Gill, Head of Digital Service Innovation; Tom Richter, Innovation Engineer
  • Wem.io** – **Chenobu Thong, Managing Director

"Everybody Can Speak Chinese"

  • Synthesia – Nadia Eslami, VP Business Development & Patrnerships
  • TüV Rheinland – Phillip Meyers, Head of Innovation Academy & LifeCare

Speakers of this Session

Sarah Rickes

Customer Understanding Officer


Florian Pickert

Consultant for Digital Transformation


Markus Nowack

Senior Solutions Sales Manager


Bernd Gill

Head of Digital Service Innovation


Cheno Thong

Managing Director


Franziska Gross

Business Innovation and Startup Relations Manufacturing


Phillip Meyers

Head of Innovation Academy & Life Care

TÜV Rheinland

EXPO 8 Rearview & Cheno Thong

This section only covers clips where Cheno Thong participated in. For a comprehensive overview of all videos please head over to the rearview section.

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