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Antoon Versteeg

Innovation Manager


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As innovation manager at Porsche, I am part of a team that identifies themes with future relevance for Porsche. We initiate, support and run proof of concept, pilot and development projects to explore these themes.

My academic background is in industrial design engineering (BSc and MSc from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands), which, combined with 10+ years in consulting in London and Cambridge, provides a good basis to understand the potential new technologies and solutions might have. I am curious and always interested in what is coming ´next´, but above all, what these innovations might enable for our customers or employees.

Antoon Versteeg on air

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September 24th, 2020 – Thursday

10:55 AM (UTC)

0:10 h

Future Mobility – Optimization Software Work

Let’s talk about Computer Vision and Software Optimization for Application-Specific Hardware

Pilot Videos


Making Use of AI for Damage Detection Focus: Computer Vision

  • Monk AI – Stanislas Miquel, VP Sales & Operations & Abou Laraki, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Porsche – Antoon Versteeg, Innovation Manager
  • Bosch – Simone Bosatelli, Manager, Bosch Management Consulting

"Accelerating Software Development for Heterogeneous Computing" Focus: Software Optimization for Application-Specific Hardware

  • Silexica – Dr. Kai Neumann, Director of Engineering
  • ZF - WABCO – Eva Kalix, Software Architect; Ravi Tallapragada, Global Head of Software
  • ZF - WABCO – Thomas Wolf, Manager Technological Research & Innovation Management
  • ZF - WABCO – Gandert Van Raemdonck, Global Head of Technology Scouting

Speakers of this Session

Stanislas Miquel

VP Sales and Operations


Antoon Versteeg

Innovation Manager


Simone Bosatelli

Manager, Bosch Management Consulting


Kai Neumann

Director of Engineering


Eva Kalix

Software Architect

ZF Wabco

Gandert Van Raemdonck

Global Head of Technology Scouting

ZF Wabco

Thomas Wolf

Innovation Manager

ZF Wabco

12:50 PM (UTC)

0:15 h

Sustainability – Transparency

Let’s talk about Blockchain & Supply Chain Traceability

Pilot Videos


"Tracing Sustainability (AKA The Doughnut Project)"

  • Circularise – Mesbah Sabur, Founder
  • Porsche – Antoon Versteeg, Innovation Manager

"CO2 tracking along the value chain"

  • CircularTree – Gunther Walden, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Motherson – Iain Fleming, Strategic Purchasing
  • Porsche – Michael Weck, Aigerim Shamshidin, Environment & Product Sustainability
  • BASF – Andreas Wollny, Digital Innovation
2:00 PM (UTC)

0:45 h

Reaching Sustainability Goals Through Supply Chain Transparency - Challenges and Opportunities

++All Access Only++

Breakout Session

Pilot Partners


Topic Discussion

Aimed at Part Manufacturers, (Plastic) Material Producers, any company representatives involved in the supply chain

What are the opportunities, and challenges, when various players throughout the automotive supply chain increase transparency on sustainability features of materials, parts and products? The implementation of more sustainable material options plays an important role in the reduction of the environmental impact of the automotive industry. To enable this, it is crucial that relevant and trusted information can be accessed and traced throughout the supply chain - from raw material production to the final vehicle, and even into recycling. In this session, we will host a facilitated discussion to explore together with you the opportunities that a more transparent supply chain offers for OEMs, tiers and plastic producers, as well as share learnings from our pilot project with Circularise, where we involved three plastic producers and multiple Tier-1 suppliers. While the focus of the pilot project was on plastic materials, where Circularise has a strong presence, the topic could also be of interest for other types of materials.

Tentative Agenda (CEST):

16:00 - 16:05: Welcome and Introduction 

16:05 - 16:10: Vision and Pilot Project

16:10 - 16:40: Statements with subsequent Discussion

16:40 - 16:45: Closing and exchange of contact details 

EXPO 8 Rearview & Antoon Versteeg

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