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The sum of innovation is infinite.

STARTUP AUTOBAHN EXPO 8 — September 2020

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Wed September 23rd

Thu September 24th

EXPO 8 welcomes the brightest minds and top innovators to showcase their technologies to industry leaders and curious creators around the world.

Join us for two days of innovation, technology, and discovery.

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What is EXPO 8?

It is a 2-day virtual event, showcasing deep tech solutions in mobility, production, enterprise, sustainability, innovation, and beyond. Guided by the motto “the sum of innovation is infinite”, all attendees will engage with over 30 pilots, projects, and implementations and be inspired and entertained by a lineup of industry experts and thought leaders from around the world.

Those with all-access passes will gain entry to 1:1 networking opportunities through a custom event app and virtual platform; participate in limited-entry breakout sessions hosted by startups, partners, and special guests; and can unlock additional content and materials on our website.

This EXPO you can expect high quality content in a user-friendly format. The spotlight will be on the impressive projects that have been created between startups and our partners over the last 100 days. This is after all, the core of what we do at STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play.


July 16, 2019 – EXPO Day 6


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EXPO 8 – Facts and Figures

The Virtual Program

A sneak peak about what will happen *

* further details, schedules, speaker and additional information can be found in the subsections of this webpage


Day One

04:00 PM – 06:00 PM CEST

Thought-Leader Voices

Top-level experts, decision-makers and visionaries from our partner ecosystem share their thoughts and insights.

Project Highlights

We give the stage to the most successful, innovative and game-changing startups and business units of our current Program 8.

Behind the Platform

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is not like any other innovation platform. We share secrets and best practices from Europe’s biggest Open Innovation Platform.


Day Two

12:00 PM - 07:00 PM CEST

Tech Deep Dive

We will tell the stories of the 30+ successful pilot projects and PoCs to an invite-only audience and dive into the central developments in Mobility, Production, Enterprise 2.0, Sustainability and beyond.

Breakout Sessions

Startups, Partners, VCs and attendees meet in tech- and interest-specific breakout rooms in small discussion groups for deep exchange or workshops.

Virtual Discovery Area

Selected attendees are given access to our virtual discovery area where startups, business units and pilot projects are exclusively showcased in full detail.


Day Two

12:00 PM – 07:00 PM CEST

Inspirational Keynotes

We give the stage the best of STARTUP AUTOBAHN’s extensive network of industry-leading companies, disrupting startups and world-class VCs.

The Element of Surprise

We never fail to surprise our audience: we have brought to you a walking giant and an astronaut – only we know what’s next.

Behind the Scenes

We take a tour behind the scenes of STARTUP AUTOBAHN’s first ever virtual EXPO and give a recap of our planning process.

More about the agenda

Press Section

Press Release EXPO 8

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Pressemeldung EXPO 8

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Official EXPO 8 Press Release

Interested in what happened on September 23rd & 24th, 2020? You would like to share the experience with friends, co-workers or even a bigger audience?

Our Press Release got you covered – whether you prefer a german or an english version.

Press Release EXPO 8 (en)or Download

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