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Agenda [Day 1]

September 23rd, 2020 – Wednesday

Below you will find our agenda so you will know exactly where to be, and when. Get ready to discover the content of EXPO: keynotes, panels, pilot documentaries, thought leaders and lots more!

Day 1 – Sep 23rdDay 2 – Sep 24thBreakout Sessions – Sep 24th
2:00 PM (UTC)

0:15 h

STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play Day I – Grand Opening Ceremony

Meet STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play: all 30 Partners Champions, the Plug and Play Team, as well the Board Members of the Partners, what STARTUP AUTOBAHN is.


Founders Talk



Learn what this Open Innovation Platform is all about from our 30 Partners, Champions, the Plug and Play Team, as well the Board Members of the Partners. Plus, meet our representation of the Founding Team, speaking with our Moderator DanRam about the WHY.

  • Sascha Karimpour, Managing Director at Plug & Play Germany GmbH
  • Philipp Gneiting, Head of Open Innovation at Mercedes-Benz AG

Speakers of this Session

Sascha Karimpour

Managing Director

Plug and Play

Dr. Philipp Gneiting

Head of Open Innovation and STARTUP AUTOBAHN


Host of this Session

Dan Ram

Managing Director


2:15 PM (UTC)

0:05 h

Executive Testimonials

Matthias ArlethWebasto, Dr. Michael FübiTÜV Rheinland, Patrick KückPorsche, Laksh Vaaman SehgalMotherson, Andreas MündelDPDHL, Andreas TorkaWieland Group, Barrie PainterMotherson, Christiaan VerschuerenZF Wabco, Dana GoldhammerTÜV Rheinland, Edgar MüllerEberspächer, Gerrit PohlADAC, Jean-Marc MeunierAGC, Luz MauchDXC, Marc RosenmayrMotherson, Matthias DannenbergBosch, Markus SchäferDaimler, Michael DemmerWieland Group, Naoya NishimotoSekisui s-lec, Oliver BahnsT-Systems, Pawel ZarekZF Wabco, Peter FröschleARENA2036, Prof. Dr. Peter MiddendorfUniversität Stuttgart, Saeed AmidiPlug and Play, Sascha KarimpourPlug and Play, Tom RauschBASF, Prof. Dr. Wolfram ResselUniversität Stuttgart


Executive Voice

Why Innovation is so important. Executives of all STARTUP AUTOBAHN Partners.

Speakers of this Session

Matthias Arleth

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board


Dr. Michael Fübi


TÜV Rheinland

Patrick Kück

Director Digitalization & Innovation


Laksh Vaaman Sehgal

Vice Chairman


Andreas Mündel

Senior Vice President Innovation & Strategy


Andreas Torka

Vice President Research, Development & Innovation

Wieland Group

Barrie Painter

Executive Vice President Global Sales, Marketing & BD


Christiaan Verschueren

Vice President Trailer

ZF Wabco

Dana Goldhammer

Head of Innovation and Digitalization

TÜV Rheinland

Edgar Müller

Vice President Business Innovation/ Next Shed


Gerrit Pohl

Chief Digital Officer


Jean-Marc Meunier

President at AGC Automotive Europe


Luz Mauch

Executive Vice President of Automotive


Marc Rosenmayr

Chief Technology Officer


Matthias Dannenberg

Head of Strategy and Transformation - Bosch Business Sector Mobil...


Markus Schäfer

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz...


Michael Demmer

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development & CIO

Wieland Group

Naoya Nishimoto

Managing Director

Sekisui s-lec

Oliver Bahns

Senior Vice President Connected Mobility


Pawel Zarek

Plant Leader

ZF Wabco

Peter Fröschle

Managing Director


Prof. Dr. Peter Middendorf

Vice Rector for Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Universität Stuttgart

Saeed Amidi

Founder & CEO

Plug and Play

Sascha Karimpour

Managing Director

Plug and Play

Tom Rausch

Head of Digital Innovation


Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ressel


Universität Stuttgart

2:20 PM (UTC)

0:05 h

Focus on innovation to shape a desirable future

Markus SchäferDaimler

Executive Voice

2:25 PM (UTC)

0:10 h

Open Innovation reimagined in 2020. A birds-eye view on emerging technologies and shifting trends.

Saeed AmidiPlug and Play


Thought-Leader Voice

Saeed will share his view on the latest development of Innovation on a global scale, covering VC activities and global emerging trends in various industries. 

2:35 PM (UTC)

0:10 h

The Developments in the Automotive Industry

Hildegard MüllerGerman Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)


Thought-Leader Voice


2:45 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

Mission Net Zero - Will Collaboration Be Key to Tackling Future Sustainability Challenges?

Volker RatzmannDPDHL, Jürgen Becky BASF

Expert Panel


At our EXPOs we always try to answer some of the most challenging questions our corporate partners are currently facing. Even though the last months were strongly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic of sustainability, in all its facets, is still very relevant for every company, no matter from which industry. As companies follow different strategies in order to reach their sustainability goals and to implement their zero net strategies (based on the European Green Deal), the panel seeks to answer the question of how collaboration between major industry firms and startups across industries can facilitate solutions for the companies to reach these goals. By looking at the topic from different perspectives along the value chain, the panelists will share their experiences of such partnerships and discuss the challenges and central learnings of the collaboration processes.

3:05 PM (UTC)

0:20 h

Meet Four Program 8 Startups and four Pilot Projects

Get a sneak peek in four Pilot Project Documentation in Mobility, Production, Sustainability and Enterprise.


Pilot Videos





We give the stage to the most successful, innovative and game-changing startups and business units of our current Program 8. On September 24th you can watch all 27 Projects, today we will give you a sneak peek in 4 Projects.

Pilot Project Mobility: "Speech Recognition – Understood by Your Car"

  • Hi Auto – Roy Baharav, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Porsche – Marius Schach, Development Engineer; Hadar Pode, Director Porsche Digital Israel

Pilot Project Production: "Pioneering a Connected & Wireless Transmission Infrastructure for Meters inside Industrial Buildings"

  • Nexmachina – Silvia Montoya, CTO
  • Daimler – Juan Jose Vitoria, Engineer at facility management

Pilot Project Enterprise: "Everybody Can Speak Chinese"

  • Synthesia – Nadia Eslami, VP Business Development & Patrnerships
  • TüV – Phillip Meyers, Head of Innovation Academy & LifeCare

Pilot Project Sustainability: Surprise

3:25 PM (UTC)

0:10 h

Plug and Play Global Innovation Award


Stay tuned, who will receive the Plug and Play Global Innovation Award for outstanding collaboration. With the Global Innovation Award the Silicon Valley investor and Innovation Platform Plug and Play Tech Center reward outstanding innovative projects of STARTUP AUTOBAHN partners, which have successfully combined their expertise with startups to meet the digital challenges of the future.

3:35 PM (UTC)

0:15 h

New Partner Announcement

Meet the new Partners of STARTUP AUTOBAHN



STARTUP AUTOBAHN is honored to welcome two new industry partners to the platform to work together on the Future of Mobility, Production, and Enterprise 2.0.

3:50 PM (UTC)

0:15 h

“Why Innovate?” Perspective From a Guy that Turned Down Steve Jobs

Guy KawasakiCanva


Thought-Leader Voice

Guy possesses an extensive knowledge of innovation, entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing.

First and foremost, he is an evangelist. The term comes from a Greek word that means "bringing the good news."

That's what he does--whether it was the good news of Macintosh or currently the good news of Canva, an online graphics-design firm.

He aligns with companies and causes that empower people, foster democracy, and make the world a meritocracy.

In addition to his work at Canva, he is the creator of the Remarkable People podcast where he interviews people such as Jane Goodall, Woz, Stephen Wolfram, Arianna Huffington, and Kristi Yamaguchi.

Specialties: innovation, entrepreneurship, podcasting, marketing, podcasting, and social media. 

4:05 PM (UTC)

0:05 h

STARTUP AUTOBAHN Day I – Closing Ceremony

Let’s have a look on our Day II and get ready to deep dive in technology and innovation.

Official EXPO 8 Press Release

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