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Philipp Wende

Automotive Innovation Lead


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  • philipp.wende@dxc.com

  • Linkedin

  • www.dxc.technology/auto/ds/143378-startup_autobahn

Philipp Wende on air

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September 24th, 2020 – Thursday

10:30 AM (UTC)

0:15 h

Future Mobility – e-Mobility and Autonomous Driving

Let’s talk about Energy Storage and Safety of Autonomous Vehicles.

Pilot Videos


Topic Intro

  • Christoph Acker, Strategy & Innovation at Porsche

**"The Value and Future of Eco-Friendly Hydrogen" Focus: Energy Storage **

  • Hydrogenious – Dr. Daniel Teichmann, Founder and CEO
  • Hyundai – Edvin Eriksen, Head of Hyundai CRADLE Berlin

"Scenario Management at Scale for AD Development" Focus: Safety of Autonomous Vehicles

  • Foretellix – Roy Fridman, VP Business Development & Sales
  • DXC – Philipp Wende, Automotive Innovation Lead
  • DXC – Marek Jersak, VP Autonomous Drive Solutions
  • DXC – Ulrich Wurstbauer, Head of CoC Simulation AD Solutions

Speakers of this Session

Edvin Eriksen

Head of Hyundai CRADLE Berlin


Roy Fridman

VP Business Development & Sales


Marek Jersak

Vice President Autonomous Drive Solutions, Automotive


Philipp Wende

Automotive Innovation Lead


Daniel Teichmann, Dr.

Founder and CEO

Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies

Christoph Acker

Innovation Manager


11:10 AM (UTC)

0:10 h

Future Mobility – Digital Experience and Intelligent Vehicle

Let’s talk about Digital Experience and Intelligent Vehicle

Pilot Videos


Topic Intro

  • Philipp Wende, Automotive Innovation Lead at DXC

"Real-Time Dynamic Force Analysis within the Convertible Roof System" Focus: Advanced Sensor Technology

  • Forciot Oy – Tytti Julkunen, CMO & Chairman of the Board
  • Webasto – Richard Seidl, Concept Engineer

"Speech Recognition - Telling Your Car What To Do" Focus: Speech Analytics

  • Hi Auto – Roy Baharav, CEO & Co-Founder
  • Porsche – Marius Schach, Development Engineer; Hadar Pode, Director Porsche Digital Israel

EXPO 8 Rearview & Philipp Wende

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