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Gandert Van Raemdonck

Global Head of Technology Scouting

ZF Wabco

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you name it – we put it up

Failure is good and inevitable when you innovate.

Gandert Van Raemdonck on air

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September 24th, 2020 – Thursday

10:55 AM (UTC)

0:10 h

Future Mobility – Optimization Software Work

Let’s talk about Computer Vision and Software Optimization for Application-Specific Hardware

Pilot Videos


Making Use of AI for Damage Detection Focus: Computer Vision

  • Monk AI – Stanislas Miquel, VP Sales & Operations & Abou Laraki, Co-Founder and CEO
  • Porsche – Antoon Versteeg, Innovation Manager
  • Bosch – Simone Bosatelli, Manager, Bosch Management Consulting

"Accelerating Software Development for Heterogeneous Computing" Focus: Software Optimization for Application-Specific Hardware

  • Silexica – Dr. Kai Neumann, Director of Engineering
  • ZF - WABCO – Eva Kalix, Software Architect; Ravi Tallapragada, Global Head of Software
  • ZF - WABCO – Thomas Wolf, Manager Technological Research & Innovation Management
  • ZF - WABCO – Gandert Van Raemdonck, Global Head of Technology Scouting

Speakers of this Session

Stanislas Miquel

VP Sales and Operations


Antoon Versteeg

Innovation Manager


Simone Bosatelli

Manager, Bosch Management Consulting


Kai Neumann

Director of Engineering


Eva Kalix

Software Architect

ZF Wabco

Gandert Van Raemdonck

Global Head of Technology Scouting

ZF Wabco

Thomas Wolf

Innovation Manager

ZF Wabco

3:40 PM (UTC)

0:15 h

Open Innovation in Global Networks: Sharing Best Practices on How to Collaborate Successfully

Gandert Van RaemdonckZF Wabco, Urszula KosidloMotherson, Felix Köppenkastrop-LükerDaimler, Frederike DörflerWieland Group

Expert Panel

It has been proven that many companies are unlikely (or simply, unable) to come up with groundbreaking innovations on their own. Consequently, over the last several years, industries around the world have started opening up their doors to a wider ecosystem, with many companies investing into crowdsourcing activities and strategic collaborations.  It has since then become the standard to engage in open innovation, also more and more due to the increasing global competition. Companies need to stay alert and act agile in order to remain in the game. Therefore, it is no surprise that cross-collaboration with various stakeholders among various industries gained on importance considerably.  The main question is: what is the recipe for success in employing new innovative strategies and collaborating across industries - and how does it affect the global strategies of multinational companies?  Nowadays, these questions are fundamental for businesses. And especially in these turbulent times, open innovation has become more relevant than ever. This panel discussion will reveal the best practices of our partners and how they are realising their innovation objectives together with open innovation platform STARTUP AUTOBAHN powered by Plug and Play.

EXPO 8 Rearview & Gandert Van Raemdonck

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